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Why MMA Fighters Look to CBD for Recovery

MMA fights and tough training sessions can be brutally painful. Conventional recovery treatments, such as ice baths, muscle compression tapes and rest are effective, but nothing beats CBD when it comes to recovery and healing. Turns out that the CBD is proving to be effective and promising in this field.

On 1st January 2018, CBD was removed from the list of substances not allowed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (AMA), which is in charge of drug testing at the Olympic Games, the UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Champion) and other sporting events. This is the first time since the creation of the list in 2004 that a cannabinoid is authorized for many of the major sports competitions on the planet.

According to the agency, the CBD has no potential to act against sports ethics, does not pose a health risk to athletes and does not violate athleticism: the three criteria by which a drug can be vetoed.

The removal of the CBD from the list of prohibitions is a great step forward that helps to get rid of the stereotype. When it comes to high performance sport, the CBD can be a great ally for the treatment and recovery of athletes.

A little more than a year ago, UFC American fighter Nate Díaz took CBD from his vaporizer at the end of a fight, arguing that it helped him with the inflammatory process. "If you take it before and after the fights and training, it will make your life better," Díaz said. In the NFL Football League, several players have publicly claimed that they are allowed to consume CBD legally. The reason is that CBD interacts with a receptor known as TRPV-1, which intervenes in the perception of pain, inflammation and body temperature.

Recovery is an essential part of training for anyone who is a professional or amateur athlete preparing for high-level competitions. People who are passionate about health and fitness also go through a great deal of consecutive training and recovery. According to a recent finding, CBD joint & muscle formula capsules not only allow an athlete to take frequent training sessions but also help them avoid injuries. Anyone who has made decent efforts in a gym session will know about DOMS (late-onset muscle pain) and the intensity of the persistent pain it brings.

The CBD as a Muscle Recovery Agent for MMA fighters

It seems that the CBD products have their place in the arsenal of recovery methods, especially when it comes to athletes in combat sports. This cannabinoid has achieved a reputation in recent years with MMA athletes due to its therapeutic potential endorsed by recent scientific studies.

The masseurs and physiotherapists have started including lotions and oils of CBD in their treatment regime for athletes. High-level professional MMA competitors, such as the Diaz brothers, second-degree BJJ black belts and lightweight wrestlers in the UFC (the ultimate proving ground for MMA fighters) are now using CBD oils in their routine to fight pain and inflammation.

The glandular trichrome of the hemp plant produces dozens of cannabinoids, among which CBD is medically the most. Such a non-psychoactive cannabinoid is an absolute gift of nature that acts on several receptors and influences the CB1 and CB2 receptors of our endocannabinoid system.


Acute symptoms of inflammation can be tackled by anti-inflammatory action of CBD capsules. Studies and real time experience have proven that CBD has promising results against inflammation.

According to the research, its effects on human muscles is somewhat limited and in vivo studies gave a clearer picture of its potential. The combination of these tests combines with the positive anecdotal reports of athletes from multiple solid bases. CBD is considered as a great muscle recovery agent that a lot of MMA athletes are using today.

If you are training for MMA or any other combat sports, visit our website today to find 100% pure CBD products!

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