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A Well-Maintained Facility is Crucial for Producing Quality CBD

If you’re a CBD enthusiast, you know that half of the battle in terms of finding relief is selecting the right product from the right company. Our industry is growing at a rapid pace, which means that more CBD products find themselves in stores on a monthly basis. This means that the user must take extra care to choose their product wisely if they want to actually enjoy the benefits that hemp has to offer.

When it comes to making a high-quality, effective CBD product, companies must follow a lot of steps very carefully. Every aspect of the manufacturing process is crucial when it comes to developing a product that delivers actual results. Also, a company’s product is ultimately only as good as the manufacturing facility in which it was produced.

Extract Naturals takes great pride in the fact that we maintain an exceptional manufacturing facility. This allows us to ensure that our customers are confident when they purchase our products.

Why is it Important to Know About a CBD Company’s Manufacturing Facility?

As you probably know, the CBD industry is extremely unregulated right now because it’s so new. Only in the last few years has cannabidiol become a mainstream product that’s accessible to most of the world. Because of the fact that it is so unregulated, many companies are trying to cash in on the current success of the industry by making inferior products in questionable facilities.

The manufacturing facility in which your CBD product is produced has a lot to do with the overall quality as well as the effectiveness of your product. That’s because manufacturing facilities must meet certain standards in order to operate. If a company is trying to get around those standards, you really cannot trust that they are making quality products that are worth your money.

In order for a manufacturing facility to be certified, certain standards of production must be met. Also, the facility itself must be in good order, or else the products cannot be produced in a way that can meet consumers’ needs. For instance, if the manufacturer is using low-quality extraction methods in their facility, you are going to end up with a product that’s not very effective because most of the delicate chemical compounds that are so beneficial have been damaged.

Even worse, poorly maintained manufacturing facilities allow for a higher risk of impurities entering your product. For example, if a manufacturing facility does not meet certain health code standards, you risk consuming a product that contains impurities that are bad for your health. And, if the employees are not taking the necessary precautions to handle products safely, you might be exposing yourself to harmful bacteria whenever you consume that company’s product.

What Goes into Creating a Well-Maintained Manufacturing Facility?

In order for a manufacturing facility to be well-maintained, the company has to hold themselves to extremely high standards. A good sign of a well-maintained facility is that it’s received a variety of important certifications.

ISO Standards

First, the facility must be ISO-certified. ISO refers to a series of internationally established manufacturing processes. This is how manufacturing plants are regulated. Basically, for a manufacturing facility to be ISO-certified, it must meet a massive range of criteria that involves how the products are handled, the machinery that’s used, the conditions of the facility in terms of climate and cleanliness and how products are labeled for consumers, among other things.

GMP Standards

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. For a manufacturing facility to receive a GMP certification, they must adhere to strict quality control practices which include lots of testing. GMP also entails hygiene standards of employees, materials that are used to produce the products and standards of training for employees. Without a GMP certification, a company is not obligated to adhere to any of these especially important practices.

Department of Public Health and Environment License

Next, a manufacturing facility must receive a license from their local Department of Public Health and Environment. This means that they are legally allowed to manufacture and sell the products that are being made in their facility because they comply with local health codes. Without a license from the Department of Public Health and Environment, a company cannot legally sell their products. This is why you should always check to make sure that a CBD company has obtained this license. Otherwise, you really don’t know what you’re getting when you make a purchase from them.

Additional Testing

CBD companies have the option to undergo additional testing if they wish. Virtually every reputable company/manufacturer submits their CBD batches to third-party laboratories so that they can provide their customers with unbiased lab results verifying the products’ purity, potency, terpene profile and general quality. These lab results help the customer feel more confident that they are purchasing a high-quality product from a trustworthy manufacturer.

These lab results also inform the consumer as to whether or not a CBD product has been exposed to impurities throughout the manufacturing process. This helps give the customer insight into how clean the manufacturing facility really is.

How Extract Manufacturing Facility Allows for Exceptional Products

Extract Naturals was one of the first US companies to have a pharmaceutical-grade CBD product. The Extract Naturals CBD products are non-GMO, use organically grown hemp, and are 3rd party tested. All products have a high bioavailability index and are free of synthetic additives, heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents.

The CBD Industry is Seeing Fast Pace Growth

It is more important than ever before that companies are transparent with their customers. At Extract Naturals, we are glad to let our customers know that our manufacturing facility is perfectly maintained. This allows our customers to feel comfortable when they purchase and consume or apply our high-quality CBD products.

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