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Could CBD Help Your Pet Shed Less?

If your cat or dog seems to shed more at certain times of the year, that’s perfectly normal and part of their nature. However, if it seems like lately, they are losing more fur than usual, you may want to consider that there is an underlying issue at work. Shedding can be a sign that your dog or cat needs medical attention.

The interesting thing is that researchers are finding that CBD may be able to help with your pet’s excessive shedding. It seems that cannabidiol may be able to regulate your pet’s many bodily processes which could include shedding.

Additionally, CBD may be able to treat any possible skin issues that are associated with the shedding due to its unique anti-inflammatory properties.

Why Do Pets Shed, Anyway?

To an extent, shedding is perfectly normal. Dogs and cats are biologically programmed to shed at different levels throughout the year. During the wintertime, cats and dogs need to have thicker fur so that they can stay warm as the temperatures decrease. So, their fur grows in more thickly during this time of year.

Once the weather has warmed up, cats and dogs no longer require such thick fur. So, they shed a large amount of it so that they may stay cool for the duration of the spring and summer.

What Excessive Shedding Could be a Sign of

As a pet owner, you know what is normal and what may not be normal for your pet. So, if your gut is telling you that your cat or dog is shedding more than they usually do, it is time to look into any potential underlying causes.

Excessive Stress

Stress can indeed cause a pet to shed more fur. It seems that the high level of cortisol can cause an animal to lose their fur as excessive cortisol can trigger inflammation, which can interfere with hair follicles and skin.

Skin Allergies

Skin allergies can be another culprit behind excessive shedding. When the skin is irritated due to allergies, it can cause fur to fall out. This is because the follicles become weakened as the skin becomes more damaged.

A Skin Condition

Other skin conditions can also cause an abundance of shedding. For instance, if your pet has eczema, this can damage their skin and hair follicles.

Poorly Functioning Immune System

A weak immune system can cause your pet’s fur to fall out, and usually, there will be other symptoms as well, including frequent infections and fatigue.

How Excessive Shedding is Usually Treated

Excessive shedding is treated by a vet according to its severity as well as its cause. A veterinarian may prescribe a topical medication to address the shedding or an internal medication to treat an underlying illness.

CBD and Shedding: Can it Help Your Cat or Dog?

It’s possible that a pet who is dealing with excessive shedding may benefit from CBD. For one thing, CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and excessive shedding can be caused by either internal inflammation or inflammation of the skin.

A more interesting way in which CBD can help has to do with your pet’s endocannabinoid system. Like us, pets have this system, and it regulates bodily processes and systems such as stress levels, the immune system, and the health of the skin. Cannabinoid receptors are found all along your pet’s body, and CBD can feed these receptors what they need so that the body performs at its highest level.

After all, shedding can be a sign of an issue with the immune system or excessive, chronic stress.

Is it Safe to Give a Pet CBD?

As of now, most veterinary researchers believe that it’s safe to give your pet CBD as long as it’s given in the right concentration and dosage level. Like humans, pets have an endocannabinoid system, and this system seems to respond well to regular CBD intake. CBD is considered nontoxic both for pets and humans, which means that taking CBD cannot lead to an overdose.

How to Use CBD to Possibly Help Minimize Shedding

Here are some things to keep in mind before starting a CBD regimen with your pet.

Tip #1: Tell Your Veterinarian

First, it’s always important that you tell the vet before starting your cat or dog on a new regimen. They will want to know what you’re giving them to address the shedding.

Tip #2: Tip Choose a Product Made for Pets

It’s important that you go with a CBD product that was specially formulated for pets. These products have the ideal concentrations for your pet’s unique body weight.

Tip #3: Decide if You Wish to Give Them Topical CBD or Oral CBD

There are two different ways to give your pet CBD for shedding. Topical CBD can be applied to their skin and is great if the shedding is linked to a skin issue such as a skin allergy or eczema. Meanwhile, oral CBD may be able to address an underlying internal issue such as excessive stress or an immune system problem.

Tip #4: Be Consistent with Your Dosing

Make sure that you are consistent. Giving your pet a dose of CBD daily is ideal.

Tip #5: Monitor Them

Always monitor your pet after giving them a new product like CBD. Make sure that they don’t show any signs of negative side effects.

Tip #6: Increase the Dosage as Needed

If you don’t see results after a couple of weeks, you can gradually increase the dosage.

Don’t Let Your Pet’s Excessive Shedding Possibly Lead to Something More

While excessive shedding can be a sign of an underlying issue, it’s possible that CBD can help get your pet’s system back on track. If you wish to give your pet CBD to help them with their shedding problem, contact your veterinarian. Then, invest in a good-quality CBD pet product and give it to them regularly for the best results.

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