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Vape CBD Your Way with an Extract Naturals CBD Disposable Vapor Pen

Are you tired of using complicated methods just to get in a daily dose of CBD? Well, now those days are behind you at last. At Extract Naturals, you can grab this CBD Disposable Vapor Pen and enjoy a whole new way to consume your favorite cannabinoid without any hassle whatsoever.

The Extract Naturals CBD Disposable Vapor Pen is a disposable vaping device that provides you with high-quality hemp extract that can be savored throughout the day as desired. It offers 200 milligrams per pen, which means that you can decide how much CBD you’d like at any given time.

What Makes This Device Incredible to Use?

Now, let’s walk you through the various things that make this vape pen so unique.

Easy to Use

Disposable vape pens are extremely easy to operate compared to other types of CBD vaping goods on the market. Most vaping setups require some adjustment of settings, recharging of the battery, replacing of parts and refilling of the cartridge. This device is requires none of those things, being ready go to right out of the box. In other words, it arrives assembled, charged and filled with CBD e-juice. It also doesn’t use any buttons, which means that all that you need to do is take a puff on the mouthpiece when you’re craving some cannabidiol.

Reliable Technology

A lot of disposable vape pens have a reputation for being difficult. Maybe the coil isn’t made from the best materials, or the battery is so low in quality that it dies long before the e-liquid actually runs out. This particular vape pen was designed by experts using only the latest in technology to ensure as reliable of a product as possible. After all, if you’re going to invest your money into a disposable, you deserve to have one that can actually meet your demands.

Delicious Flavor

It was important to us that we produced a CBD vape pen that offers a uniquely delicious flavor. That’s why our pen comes in two mouthwatering flavors: grape and strawberry lemonade. These flavorings come from vegan ingredients that have been carefully sourced for both quality and taste. You won’t have to deal with any artificial sweeteners either, as our flavoring extracts taste great all on their own, without the help of fillers.

Organic Hemp

Organic hemp is undoubtedly superior to its conventional counterpart, which is why we made sure that it’s what we use in all of our products, including our disposable vapes. Organic hemp has a higher bioavailability level because it hasn’t been exposed to substances and farming practices that damage the structural integrity of the compounds in the plant. Further, it’s less likely to contain impurities.


Our CBD disposable vape pens are free of nicotine, which means that you don’t have to worry about consuming an addictive substance just to get some CBD into your system.

Non-GMO and Free of Harmful Impurities

It’s always important to look for a CBD product that’s non-GMO and free of harmful impurities. All of our products at Extract Naturals are non-GMO, which means that they do not contain genetically modified organisms. In other words, they are presented as mother nature has intended. Further, they’re free of solvents, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, which can all be disruptive to the body if consumed in high doses.

Third-Party Tested

One thing to always check for when buying CBD is a certificate of analysis, which indicates that the company had their hemp tested by a third-party laboratory for an unbiased breakdown of many important factors that contribute to its overall quality. We’re proud to offer this certificate, as we have our hemp tested per batch.

No VG or PG

One thing that makes our CBD e-liquid unique is that it’s free of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, two ingredients commonly found in commercial vape juices.

CO2 Extracted

The hemp that we use has been made using the CO2 extraction process, which best preserves the bioavailability and stability of the compounds that are deemed desirable.

Uniquely Bioavailable

One thing that’s very important when it comes to CBD is bioavailability, which refers to how easily the compounds absorb into the body for the full effects to take place. We go above and beyond to utilize a variety of safe methods to ensure maximum bioavailability for more hemp satisfaction overall.

Flawless Portability

Our disposable vape pen is portable, as it can fit into your pocket and be enjoyed anywhere in which vaping is permitted.

What are You Waiting For?

The Extract Naturals CBD Disposable Vapor Pen offers a user-friendly, no-maintenance way to get your daily dose of hemp, and it contains some of the purest, highest-quality CBD that money can buy. If you want to experience a new method for exploring all that cannabidiol has to offer, this disposable is the way to go.

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