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How Could Senior Citizens Get the Most Out of CBD?

Many people associate the CBD market with younger people. After all, up until recently, cannabis was largely associated with recreational use, and recreation is typically considered a youthful pastime. But, as our industry has continued to expand and grow, it’s becoming more and more apparent that people of all ages should give hemp a try. Why? Because of the endocannabinoid system, and the way in which it utilizes CBD throughout the body. CBD’s unique properties can be useful to everyone, but new studies show that seniors might get particular usefulness out of it.

This piece will be discussing the specifics when it comes to seniors taking CBD. We’ll talk about some of the studies that have been done, and we’ll also talk about which products are best for people within this age group. We’ll also break down the key things to starting a CBD routine that’s the most likely to be effective, whether you’re a senior or any other age.

CBD and Seniors: What to Know

Seniors may be more hesitant to try CBD, because they may be already taking certain medications, or they may be confusing it with marijuana, which is, of course, a psychoactive and federally illegal drug. So, let’s clear some things up before we get into the ways in which CBD may be useful to people of this age group.

First and foremost, CBD is legal in all 50 states. That’s because it comes from the hemp plant. The hemp plant, unlike the marijuana plant, contains only a trace amount of THC, the psychoactive compound that gets marijuana users high. Therefore, it’s not possible to get high off of hemp-based CBD products.

Another thing to know is that CBD is nontoxic. This means that it won’t cause a fatal overdose due to toxicity. Of course, if you’re a senior looking to incorporate hemp into your daily routine, you should speak to your doctor, and let them know any medications that you are currently using.

Now, we can get into the fascinating way in which CBD is utilized by the body. CBD feeds the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is in charge of homeostasis. Homeostasis refers to a state in which every bodily system is functioning efficiently. The endocannabinoid system does this by sending cannabinoids like CBD to cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. These cannabinoids bond with cannabinoid receptors, allowing regulatory actions to occur. Cannabinoid receptors are found in every bodily system, and each receptor corresponds with a particular bodily process, like sleep, mood, inflammation and even digestion.

When we take CBD regularly, our bodies are sending it to where it needs to go. In other words, CBD is sent by the endocannabinoid system to bodily processes that are not performing in a regulated manner. This is why CBD is known to have such widespread usefulness.

Some issues pertain to seniors more than others. One is a decline in cognitive function. As the brain ages, things like memory, focus and motivation can begin to decrease. Many studies have observed CBD’s potential to act as a neuroprotectant, meaning it may be able to protect the neurons in the brain from cognitive decline.

Another common issue among seniors is arthritis, as the joints begin to wear and tear as the body ages. Studies have shown a potential link between CBD and arthritis, thanks to the potential anti-inflammatory activity within cannabinoids, and the way in which it seems to regulate the brain’s ability to receive pain signals.

Products at Extract Naturals that are Ideal for Senior Use

When it comes to choosing the best CBD product, it’s largely a matter of preference in terms of the delivery method. The delivery method refers to the way in which the CBD is absorbed through the body. Delivery methods that are ingested allow or a longer-lasting activation period, while sublingual products can be felt more potently but tend to last for a couple of hours at a time.

Another key to having a successful experience with CBD is choosing the proper milligram strength for your needs. As a rule of thumb, the more severe your circumstances are, the higher the milligram strength should be. Again, high-potency CBD products will not get you high.

There are some great products for seniors that are available at Extract Naturals. These products are easy to consume and allow the user to enjoy a controlled dosage level each day. One particular product are our CBD Softgels. They’re taken just like a daily supplement, and contain a clinical grade formula.

There’s also Extra Strength CBD Balm, which is primarily for those trying to target specific areas of the body with topical relief. We also recommend 1000mg CBD Oil Tincture, which is administered under the tongue, and allows for widespread distribution of cannabinoids throughout the body.

Using CBD the Right Way: How to Get More Out of Each Dose

Seniors who wish to start a CBD regimen need to make sure that they’re getting the most out of each dose. Like we said, choosing the right milligram strength is a big part of that. It’s also important to make sure that you take your daily dose consistently. Daily use is more likely to help you achieve your hemp-related goals.

Those who start a CBD regimen and find that the CBD isn’t effective enough can increase their dosage level and/or milligram strength as desired. Do so incrementally and inform your doctor that you wish to do so.

Senior Citizen CBD Users on the Rise

As CBD is studied increasingly more by clinical scientists, it’s becoming obvious that this cannabinoid can offer quite a bit to seniors as well as people of all other age groups. If you or someone you know is a senior who may benefit from a CBD routine, use this guide as a resource. And, check out the products from Extract Naturals to find the perfect hemp-based good to take as part of a daily wellness routine.

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