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Cooking and Baking with Extract Naturals CBD Powder

Are you a fan of CBD edibles? Most hemp users have by now at least tried to take their favorite cannabinoid in edible form, thanks to its unique effects, not to mention the satisfying taste that so many edibles have to offer. But, have you ever considered making your own? Yes, making edibles from scratch may sound intimidating, but thanks to companies like Extract Naturals, it doesn’t have to be.

This CBD powder is versatile, high in quality and ready to be added to your favorite recipe for a hemp-infused treat.

How Extract Naturals CBD Powder is Made

Extract Naturals CBD Powder is 99.9 percent pure CBD isolate, and its powdered texture comes from using specialized methods to turn a pure CBD extract derived straight from the hemp plant into a crystalline form. In other words, this powder is the real, pure stuff – no artificial flavoring or filler ingredients added whatsoever.

Extract Naturals CBD Powder comes from organically grown hemp which retains higher bioavailability. In fact, this powder is more bioavailable than most CBD products on the market today thanks to its crystalline form which absorbs faster and more efficiently into the body. What does that mean for you? Well, the more bioavailable a CBD product is, the stronger, faster-acting and long-lasting it is in the system, which means a stronger CBD experience overall.

And, as you’ve come to expect from Extract Naturals, this CBD powder is as high in quality as they come. It’s been thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory for purity levels, and has been found to be free of solvents, heavy metals and other impurities that detract from the overall quality of the hemp.

The Actual Proccess

CBD powder begins with the hemp plant, of course. The flowers of the hemp plant are run through an extraction process which separates the desirable compounds from the plant material. In this case, the desirable compound which is being isolated is CBD, the dominant and most desirable cannabinoid in the plant. The CBD isolate extract that results from this process is highly concentrated, naturally containing 99 percent CBD with no other hemp compounds present in the finished product.

From there, the concentrate is run through refinement processes which further purify the product, followed by a winterization process that strips away molecules that are deemed unnecessary. Basically, the end result is a crystalline powder that contains a uniquely potent level of cannabidiol.

Why Extract Naturals CBD Powder is Great for Cooking and Baking

So, why is Extract Naturals CBD Powder so great for making edibles, specifically? Well, CBD powder is far easier to work with than a CBD oil product. It can simply be added into the recipe with no mess, and no need to replace other ingredients in the recipe using confusing equations. It’s also easier to measure out, and it doesn’t hurt that being far more bioavailable, it allows for more general effectiveness.

See, when we consume an edible made with a less bioavailable form of hemp, we have to wait up to two hours to feel the potential effects, and they tend to have a more subtle feeling in the system. But, with this highly bioavailable CBD powder, you may feel its effects faster and more strongly, which is ideal to the large majority of hemp lovers.

CBD Edibles: Why Making Your Own is a Great Choice

Maybe you haven’t even considered making your own edibles. But, we personally think that hemp users should experiment with this DIY approach to maintaining a hemp routine, for several reasons. One obvious reason is that making your own edibles will save you money. If you’re on a stricter budget than most, this is a great way to ensure that you can keep experiencing what hemp has to offer without breaking the bank soon after committing to a regimen with cannabidiol.

Further, when you make your own edibles, you get to experience your daily dose of CBD on your terms. After all, the edibles market is a bit limited when it comes to the variety of foods that are out there. When you take the DIY approach, you get to make any edible that your taste buds desire. And, you get to be in complete control over the recipe as well as the potency of each serving.

Using Extract Naturals CBD Powder for Cooking and Baking: A Guide

Whether you plan to cook or bake with CBD isolate, you first need to add the powder to whatever fat you’re using in the recipe. To do this, place the fat that’s already in the recipe in a double boiler, and add the desired amount of CBD isolate powder. A double boiler will allow it to incorporate slowly without burning or seizing. Stir slowly.

When it comes to how much you should add, all that you need to do is multiply the desired milligram strength per serving by the number of serving sizes. For instance, let’s say you’re making brownies, and you want each brownie to have 10 milligrams of CBD isolate. Now, let’s say that the recipe creates twelve individual brownies total. That would mean that you’ll want to add 120 milligrams of CBD powder to the total recipe.

Once you’ve created your CBD-infused fat, you can use it in your recipe as the instructions call for. Then, continue following the recipe as you normally would, and enjoy the finished product. Note that CBD isolate, unlike other hemp products, has no flavor or aroma, so you won’t be tasting the plant while you indulge in your new creation.

Truly Ideal for Formulating Your Own Concoctions

Thanks to Extract Naturals CBD Powder, it really couldn’t be simpler to make your own delicious recipes with the added bonus of a daily dose of hemp. This versatile, lab-tested isolate powder can make all of your culinary dreams come true with a user-friendly formula loaded with nothing but exceptional CBD.

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