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When Should You Give Your Pet CBD Oil?

Most of us who take CBD regularly do so as a daily routine, in which we take the same amount day after day, around the same time. This makes sense because we’re creatures of routine by nature. We go to work and come home at the same times each day, get out of bed around the same time and even go to sleep within the same time period on a nightly basis. This makes it easy for us to figure out when to squeeeze in that daily dose of hemp.

When it comes to giving our pets CBD oil, however, it can be a bit harder to know when the right time is. After all, pets are less married to a strict daily routine, which can make it tough to figure out which time is best for them. For instance, if we want to use CBD to calm our pet down, should we give it to them when they’re going to be sleeping rather than playing? And, even if we choose to do it when they’re going to be sleeping, how do we know when they’re planning to take their next nap?

Well, as CBD enthusiasts and pet lovers ourselves, we’d like to make things easier for you.

When to Give Your Pet Their Dose of CBD Oil

Here’s the thing – there’s really no right or wrong time to give your four-legged friend a dose of CBD. We give our pets CBD for the same reason we take it – to support the body’s endocannabinoid system. As long as we take it daily, the endocannabinoid system can operate as smoothly as possible, regardless of the time of day we take it.

So, that being said, why do most of us stick to a strict daily hemp routine during which we take our dose at the same time each day? Well, because while CBD can successfully support the endocannabinoid system no matter when it’s taken, its effects can peak shortly after administration, and many of us desire that peak to line up with a certain time of day, such as when we’re about to work out, or when we’re planning to go to bed.

This applies to your pet as well. It’s ultimately more important that they take the same amount daily, so keep that in mind. Still, if your pet is struggling in some way, you’ll want to time the dose to make sure that’s most effective in the system when it will be the most useful to them based on their unique circumstances.

Cats and dogs have endocannabinoid systems that work just like ours, only they’re smaller. This means that the way you feel when you take CBD will likely be the same as how they feel when they take theirs. Keep that in mind as we discuss the various factors that can determine when you should give your cat or dog their dose of hemp.

Factor #1: Your Pet’s Situation

The reason why you’re giving your pet CBD in the first place may have an impact on when you should give it to them. An example is a pet who gets anxious when you’re at work and they’re home alone. Giving them CBD right before you leave for work would be the natural way to go to ensure that the effects of hemp peak when the pet’s anxiety would be increasing. Another example would be giving a dog CBD to aid in digestion. Naturally, you’d want to time the CBD with when they have their dinner.

Factor #2: A Pet’s Daily Regimen and Habits

While pets are usually not as strict when it comes to routine as we are, that doesn’t mean that your pet’s day-to-day doesn’t follow some patterns. Maybe they always nap right after they have their dinner, or maybe they’re always the most playful first thing in the morning after you wake up. Knowing their patterns can help you build a routine around them to ensure that the effects of hemp supply your pet with what they need at the right time of day, depending on what they’re doing.

Factor #3: Space Between Each Dose

It’s also important to consider when your pet had their last dose of hemp before giving them another. Most people give their furry friend CBD once a day, but maybe you’re giving them more than one for a specific purpose. If this is the case, it would make the most sense to space out each dose evenly throughout the day to prevent an overlap, assuming that isn’t the desired effect.

Factor 4: When Your Veterinarian Says to

It’s always imperative that you talk to your veterinarian before giving your pet CBD. Don’t hesitate to ask them if they have any advice regarding when you should give them CBD during the day. Maybe they can help you answer this question with their unique expertise and experience.

Factor 4: When They Seem to Respond to it the Best

If you find that the time you’ve been giving your pet CBD each day is effective, then there’s probably no reason to change it.

Final Pet CBD Oil Thoughts

As you can see, there’s no real science to figuring out when to give your pet CBD oil. Use the guide above to figure out how to plan each dose based on the various factors that can dictate which time is ideal.

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