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Exploring Different CBD Combinations

If you’re a fan of CBD, you’re likely committed to your daily routine during which you take your favorite delivery method in the same dosage amount at the same time. But, have you ever considered throwing another CBD delivery method into the mix? More and more users are finding that by combining different types of hemp products, they can enjoy a more customized routine that suits their very particular needs and unique preferences.

Today, we’ll be talking all about combining different CBD products to enjoy positive results. As you’ll see, in order to do this properly, you need to keep some things in mind first.

Why a CBD User May Wish to Combine Delivery Methods

So, what’s the appeal of combining different delivery methods? Well, allow us to discuss a few different reasons why you might want to consider mixing CBD products each day.

Reason #1: To Stretch Out the CBD Activation Window

One reason to do this is to enjoy a longer period of time during which the CBD is active in the system. We know that different delivery methods have different activation windows. For instance, vaping can take effect within minutes but fade within an hour or so. Edibles, meanwhile, can take one to two hours to take effect, but can last for hours. By combining these two methods, you can enjoy activation within minutes, and while the vaping is wearing off, the edible is just kicking in.

Reason #2: To Tackle Two Unique Issues

This mainly applies to adding a topical to your routine. Topicals are great for localized issues, while other delivery methods are felt in a more widespread way. Adding a topical to your existing CBD routine can help you tackle two different things at once.

Reason #3: To Enjoy a Stronger Dose Each Day

Another reason to double up on delivery methods is to enjoy a stronger dose of hemp during the day. Obviously, by taking two different CBD products at once, you can have a stronger hemp experience overall.

Reason #4: Because They Enjoy It

Of course, sometimes, people add another CBD product into the mix simply because they enjoy it. For example, maybe they’re having success with their tincture, but they find edibles appealing because they taste delicious.

Things to Know Before Doubling Up on Delivery Methods

Before you introduce a second type of CBD product into your daily hemp routine, there are some things that you need to know.

Pay Attention to the Milligram Strength of Each

First, pay attention to the milligram strength of each product that you plan on taking. Obviously, the milligram strength of each determines how potent your overall hemp experience will be. For instance, if you’re taking two types of CBD products that each have a super low potency level, you will have a far less noticeable peak than if you took two high-potency hemp goods.

Monitor How You Feel

Once you incorporate a new CBD product into your routine, take a couple of days to pay attention to how you feel. For instance, some users may feel groggy if they take too much of each. Take note of how you feel and use this information to adjust your routine as needed.

Make Sure That Both CBD Products are High in Quality

It’s crucial that each CBD product is high in quality. Combining two cheap CBD products is not going to make each one more effective or helpful. Always choose your CBD from a respected company that offers third-party lab reports to customers, as these lab reports indicate that the hemp is high in quality.

Pay Attention to Timing

When you take each delivery method can largely determine your experience. So, consider how long each type of delivery method takes to peak in the system, and how long it stays active within the body. Then, use this information to determine when you’d like to take each. For example, if you’re doubling up on methods to prolong the activation window, time your intakes to make sure that as one is beginning to wind down, the other one is peaking in the body.

Great CBD Combinations to Try

Now, we can discuss some specific combinations that can provide you with an overall enjoyable experience. All of these types of products are available at Extract Naturals.

Combo #1: A Topical and an Edible

A topical combined with an edible can make for a great experience. An edible will take up to two hours to take effect, and can last for several hours at a time. A topical, meanwhile, can work instantly or within minutes, and also last for hours. Taking both is ideal for someone who is looking to enjoy widespread distribution of cannabinoids throughout the body, but is also dealing with some type of localized issue. Topicals allow us to supply a particular part of the body with a concentrated dose of CBD. If you wish to go this route, you can use both products at the same time.

Combo #2: A Vape and an Edible

Vaping CBD and taking an edible together is another popular combination. Again, edibles can take a while to take effect, but can last for a long time. Vaping CBD allows hemp to peak in the body within minutes, but it’s short-lived, as explained earlier. Taking an edible at the same time as vaping CBD is a great way to enjoy peak levels in hemp from minutes of taking your dose to far later on during the day. This is great for people who want CBD to kick in first thing in the morning, and don’t want to have to continuously take more doses later on as the day progresses.

Combo #3: A Tincture and a Softgel

Another popular combination is a tincture and a softgel. Softgels work like edibles in that they are digested within two hours and can last for quite a while. Tinctures, meanwhile, take between 15 and 45 minutes to peak, and last for a couple of hours. This allows for an overlap during which both types of delivery methods are highly active within the body. It’s a great choice for those with more severe circumstances who want a uniquely powerful hemp experience that will last for quite a while.

Pair It Up Your CBD Way

There are plenty of reasons why it can be useful to combine two different CBD products daily, as you can see. In order to go about it in the right manner, use this guide as a reference. And, make sure you choose high-quality CBD products for the best results, such as the ones available at Extract Naturals.

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