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CBD Wax | 800mg

Are you looking for a CBD product that packs a more powerful punch? The CBD Wax | 800mg has everything that serious hemp lovers could possibly ask for. This high-quality hemp wax offers a stunningly high concentration level, a clean formula and fast-acting abilities, offering up 800mg of cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds that we desire from the plant’s flowering buds.

What is CBD Wax?

CBD wax belongs to a category of hemp products known as concentrates or dabs. These products are the result of concentrating the compounds in the hemp plant to produce a product that’s much higher in potency than other standard CBD products that most of us are familiar with by now.

CBD wax gets its name from its wax-like consistency, which is ideal for both smoking and vaporizing using a specialized device. Not only is CBD wax known for its potency level, but also for its remarkably fast-acting nature that allows you to feel the plant’s properties in action within minutes.

How to Use CBD Wax

In order to use CBD wax, you will need the right type of device. If you wish to smoke CBD wax straight, you’ll need a dab rig, which is a specialized pipe-like device made for sticky concentrates. Some people, however, prefer to break up small pieces of wax and add it to regular flower, whether it’s being rolled up in paper or placed into a pipe.

If you wish to vape CBD wax, you’re going to need to get yourself a dab pen which is made for this type of product. This type of device has a chamber into which the wax is placed, which is then heated up to produce a smooth stream of vapor.

Extract Naturals CBD Wax | 800mg

So, what’s so unique about this CBD Wax | 800mg? Let’s go over the key things to know about this product.


For one thing, CBD wax and other dabs are known for being uniquely fast-acting, with the peak typically taking place within just a few minutes of inhaling. This makes this type of product ideal for those who want a powerful CBD experience on demand. This particular CBD wax product is produced to be as bioavailable as possible, with the help of various manufacturing practices aimed at preserving the integrity of each and every compound in the hemp plant. The result is one of the most quick-acting hemp products on the market, period.


This CBD wax contains broad spectrum hemp extract, which means that the trace amount of THC that naturally occurs in the hemp plant has been isolated and removed from the final product. If you avoid THC for personal or professional reasons, you will be pleased to know that this wax contains 0 percent of the compound.

Rich in Terpenes and Cannabinoids

Because this wax is broad spectrum, it contains a wide variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other desirable compounds that exist in the plant’s buds, which each offer valuable properties while working together synergistically to enhance overall bioavailability.


Each batch of hemp extract is properly and rigorously tested by a third-party laboratory, where it’s checked for the presence of impurities. The lab reports are available to customers, which show that this product is free of pesticides, heavy metals and other potential toxins.


The CBD Wax | 800mg is made from fully organic hemp, which means that it was grown without the use of synthetic aids that can introduce toxins into the plant material.


The CO2 extraction process is considered superior to other methods as it keeps the stability of the compounds while avoiding the use of solvents that damage the purity of the final product. This process uses pressurized CO2 which is pushed through the plant material to carefully gather the naturally occurring compounds in the highest concentrations possible.

Powerfully Potent

Because of the concentrated nature of this product, you can count on sublime potency whenever you take a hit of smoke or vapor. Because it’s so potent, you’ll be able to experience the properties of the hemp plant like never before, while finding that a little wax goes a long way. It’s a great way to truly discover what cannabidiol and other cannabinoids are capable of, while benefiting from the convenience of not having to take a particularly large dose.

Grab CBD Wax | 800mg at Extract Naturals Today

It provides CBD lovers with an incredibly powerful way to experience all that the hemp plant is capable of. This carefully tested, CO2-extracted and fully organic concentrate can truly take your daily regimen to a whole new level.

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