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Anxiety, inflammation, cancer, and other common ailments have baffled humanity for over millennia. Standard medications and treatments lose efficacy over time and leave with severe side effects and health risks. Finding treatment with least side effects can be a daunting and grueling task.

With a vast majority of people inflicted with one or another common disease, a cure-all was elusive. However, with the discovery of CBD, many people found their panacea. From relieving chronic pains and placating anxiety to healing chemotherapy pain and improving sleep quality, CBD covers the entire spectrum of ailments.

Another medication, 5-HTP, is also used as an adjunctive to the standard treatments. This medication is famous for its serotonin boosting characters. With improved serotonin levels, your mental and physical performance also improves.

Both medicines are gaining momentum and solidifying their reputation as the ultimate cure. That is why we are here to address this confoundment. When it comes to picking sides, which one should you choose?


5-HTP is touted for its efficient interaction with serotonin levels. Our body converts 5-HTP amino acids into serotonin, but it does this to a certain extent. When a higher amount of 5-HTP is administered, our body fails to convert that increased amount into serotonin. This condition is known as serotonin syndrome, and it can be life-threatening.

Unlike 5-HTP, CBD doesn’t pose such life-threatening risks. CBD is even regarded as a relatively safe medication than traditional sleeping pills. It also helps control our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates cognitive functions, moods, appetite, and other biological processes.

5-HTP causes a spike in serotonin levels, which results in side effects like anxiety, shivering, and severe heart problems. However, its competitor, CBD, promises healing from anxiety, depression and heart challenges. CBD is often preferred over other pharmaceutical drugs to treat depression and anxiety. It has also proven to be beneficial in lowering high pressures and reducing the chances of many heart problems.

A report addressed that few people developed a condition known as eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS). It caused excessive muscle tenderness and severe blood abnormalities, which eventuated in the death of few people.

With CBD, you are safe from such life-threatening conditions. some researchers suggested that CBD helps in preventing brain damage and improving cerebral blood flow during a stroke. Besides preventing stroke, CBD is beneficial in alleviating hypertensive heart diseases. It reduces your stress levels and keeps your blood pressure at its normal levels.


CBD is being studied and explored for its potential benefits. It is being considered for its role in healing symptoms of heart diseases, easing anxiety, clearing acne, and recuperation from cancer.

Several researchers are underway to unravel the therapeutic and adjunctive use of this ‘miracle molecule.’ Though there is much to discover about its effectiveness, the documented results affirm the safety and efficacy of this natural treatment.

CBD is widely accepted as a natural remedy. However, to get promising results, you need high-quality products. At Extract Naturals, we offer you the top-notch CBD products. Choose from our vast variety of products and experience the miracles of this wonder substance

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