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CBD Oil: Is it the greatest gift of Nature?

Cannabis is not just a globally controversial product, but it is also taboo in most parts of the world. Interestingly, few people are broadly aware of the amazing benefits this single plant secretly hides in its leaves. The reason is its popularity as a psychoactive drug that has undermined hundreds of benefits that it has. However, is this “high” the only significant property of this miraculous plant? The answer is “no”. if there is one bad property, there are hundreds of factors that are beneficial for the health of any person.

So Simple Your INNER CHILD Can Understand It

Imagine this: What if, by the use of science and technology, we only remove that element of “high” from the plant and take out the rest of the good stuff to use? That is exactly what Cannabidiol (CBD) is all about! CBD is that incredible agent filled with all the wonderful health benefits for the human body with “Zero” psychoactive properties or high. Guess what, the CBD is actually extracted from the cannabis plant which is considered as a devil to humanity by some people.

CBD does NOT make you high! Let’s not even talk about why the CBD use is discouraged by the multi-billionaire pharmaceutical industry that prospers when people remain sick. It is common sense. Let’s talk about you. If you have been believing that cannabis is a curse to humanity, your opinion is about to change. It’s about time that you now learn why cannabis could be one of the greatest gifts of nature that human beings have ever received.

Let’s start with the first thing first. Obviously, CBD is just one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. However, the CBD is what this book will be mostly talking about. We discourage the use of cannabis for addictive and abusive purposes. So, we will be talking more about the good stuff, and also a little about why the “bad” stuff is actually bad. We would also guide you through the entire process of gaining the maximum benefits from this inexplicable product.

Cannabis vs Hemp

CBD products now come from Hemp, not Cannabis!

Some believe that industrial hemp is a horrible plant that should not be used medically while others approve it 100%. Most of the CBD oil we can buy is made on industrial hemp varieties with a relatively high CBD content of perhaps 5-15% - some have even better varieties that still remain below the 0.2% THC and thus are legal to grow for industrial use if you have permission.

What is industrial hemp?

Industrial hemp is defined as plants from the cannabis genus with a THC content lower than 0.2% in the dried inflorescences. Industrial hemp can be refined/developed for different uses. Some varieties are refined to have long fibers that can be made of textiles. Other varieties are processed for their large seed production, and the seeds are used. Another refinement is the varieties with high CBD content that are used to make CBD oils.

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