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CBD for Inflammation: How is it better than NSAIDs?

Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatories abbreviated as NSAIDS are medicinal drugs used as pain relievers. They also reduce inflammation and help to control body temperature. They are used to cure headaches, pain due to periods, arthritis, and other sorts of pain. Although being demanded globally, some people don’t prefer using NSAIDs since it doesn’t suit everyone.

Recent statistical reports have discovered that a small sector of NSAIDs consumers exceeds the maximum limit of daily dosage. It results in an increased risk for them being exposed to the side effects of NSAIDs such as kidney issues, cardiac issues, gastric issues, etc. Also, the patients of Hepatitis C with cirrhosis should preferably avoid the use of NSAIDs since it only aggravates the condition. For people with the condition of decompensated cirrhosis along with chronic HCV, the use of NSAIDs is strictly prohibited.

CBD Oil as an anti-inflammatory

Contrarily, CBD Oil is a product that is free of the side effects NSAIDs have on the consumers. It is a natural remedial product that can potentially treat conditions like inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Unlike other psychoactive drugs such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD doesn’t get its consumers ‘high’ thus separating its identity from a typical marijuana product. The quality of not being psychoactive makes it a more appealing remedy for people in the state of pain and inflammation.

Inflammation occurs due to the natural body response towards any harm. If a certain body part gets an injury, the body has a natural tendency to swell that area and raise its temperature. There are two types of inflammation: Chronic and Acute. Chronic inflammation is a prolonged type of inflammation that lingers on and can also affect organs and tissues. On the other hand, Acute inflammation is caused by a temporary injury that gets normalized with the healing process.

CBD Oil has had its anti-inflammatory properties discussed in a few reviews and studies published in journals like ‘Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry’ and ‘Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation’. However, still, clinical tests are being conducted to provide strong grounds to these findings.

How CBD Oil reduces inflammation

Like most of the other pain killers, CBD Oil desensitizes the cells that are responsible for sensing pain and creating inflammation. As a response, our body becomes less receptive to pain and the conditions that are pain induced, such as anxiety gradually start to stabilize. However, these findings are still classified as anecdotal and need to be backed by further tests and results.

The discovery of CBD Oil as a treatment for different ailments is recent since the earliest of its researches date back to 2009. Though CBD oil has not been declared yet as a recommended anti-inflammatory for humans, there are a few pieces of evidence where it has proved to be a reliever of inflammatory pain. If it gets clearance from medical authorities, it could entirely replace NSAIDs and other drugs which have their side effects as well.

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