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5 Crucial Reasons to Avoid Buying CBD on Amazon or eBay

More people are searching far and wide for the best CBD that they can get their hands on, understanding fully well that the hemp industry offers a wide range of products in different levels of quality. We’re told over and over again that not all CBD is created equally, and so it’s natural that consumers want to go above and beyond to seek out the best hemp that they can find by experimenting with different brands, formulas and potency levels.

However, while we encourage experimentation with different CBD formulas, we do know that there are some sources that you should avoid altogether.

Amazon, eBay and how Third-Party Vendor Platforms Work

Amazon and eBay are classified as third-party vendor platforms, and they share a lot in common with each other. Both of these online retail platforms act almost like brokers, who allow third-party sellers to freely sell their goods to customers, with these platforms getting a cut of the deal. Both Amazon and eBay do have restrictions about what can and cannot be sold, and notoriously, some sellers get around these rules in order to sell products that go against the rules of the companies.

Why You Should Not Get Your CBD from These Sources

So, what’s wrong with buying CBD from platforms like Amazon and eBay? Let’s go over the five main reasons why you should absolutely avoid these sources when shopping for hemp.

#1: It’s Illegal to Sell CBD on Amazon and eBay

First, and most importantly, both eBay and Amazon simply do not permit the sales of CBD products on their platforms. This means that if a product on one of these platforms claims to contain CBD, either the company is lying, or they are breaking the rules. Either of these circumstances means that a company should be totally avoided. If they are lying, obviously it’s a product that is not worth your money, as it’s fake. If the company is breaking the rules made by these platforms to sell CBD despite restrictions, it means that they are a company willing to break rules elsewhere and may not be offering good products that are legitimate or safe.

#2: These Companies Do Not Screen Individual Companies

Another thing to keep in mind is that Amazon and eBay to not screen vendors before allowing them to sell products on their stores. Other companies that sell products from multiple brands, like online distributors, carefully select the manufacturers that they are willing to carry based on their practices and overall quality. Amazon and eBay leave it up to the customer to discern whether or not a particular vendor is selling something that is safe and legitimate.

Therefore, when you buy CBD products off of eBay and Amazon, you don’t know what you’re going to get, because these eBay and Amazon simply aren’t requiring that a particular vendor adheres to specific standards.

#3: These Products May Not Be Lab-Tested

One thing we know for certain is that all CBD products should be tested by a third-party lab. The hemp industry knows this and regulates itself by creating this standard throughout the market. Lab-testing is a means for gaining unbiased information about the overall quality of the hemp products, and the resulting reports are shared with customers to build a feeling of trust.

Companies that sell on third-party platforms may be trying to sidestep the lab-testing process, which means that ultimately, you have no way of knowing what’s actually in the formulas. Without lab-testing, you can’t even know whether or not the product actually contains real CBD.

#4: The Product Names May Be Misleading

It’s important to know that products made with hempseed do not contain CBD. Hempseed-based products are legal on Amazon and eBay. While CBD and other cannabinoids are found in the flowers of the hemp plant, the hemp seeds do not have these types of compounds. Hempseed oil and other products made with the seeds of hemp do offer great nutritional value, and are commonly found in skincare products, however.

Amazon and eBay do offer various hempseed products from different sellers, and some companies that produce these products may try to trick you into believing that they contain CBD by using vague terms relating to the hemp plant as a whole. If you find a product labeled “hemp cream” on Amazon, for instance, you must look at the ingredients to determine whether or not it contains any actual cannabidiol.

#5: As a Buyer, You’re Not Protected

Amazon and eBay largely operate with a “buy at your own risk” mentality, where, in the event that you buy what ends up being an illegitimate CBD product from their marketplace, it’s on you. This means that as a buyer, you don’t have much protection when it comes to ending up with fake products that are on their platforms.

Where to Buy Safe and Legitimate CBD

Now that you know why these platforms are not good resources for CBD, let’s talk about where you can find the real stuff that you’re seeking out.

First, it’s always good to go with a company that has high standards when it comes to CBD products, and requires lab-testing on all goods sold. Three great places to grab real, high-quality CBD are vape shops that sell third-party products, CBD distributor companies online and websites belonging to the manufacturers themselves. This is where you can find products that are properly lab-tested, and offer traceability that makes it easy for you to know exactly what you’re getting, and what it can do for you.

At Extract Naturals, all of the CBD products that we sell come from lab-tested hemp extract, and we make the resulting lab reports accessible to consumers. This is how we build trust and prove that the products we offer aren’t just legitimate, but capable of helping people meet their hemp-related goals.

Final Thoughts

The CBD industry offers a vast array of exceptional hemp goods made with high standards, safe manufacturing procedures and potency levels most capable of delivering results. Finding these companies is easier than ever before, which is why there is absolutely no reason to rely on shady vendors from third-party seller platforms like Amazon and eBay. Always look for companies that do lab-testing and offer transparency about the products that they offer.

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