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11 Reasons to Buy Extract Naturals CBD Suppositories

Have you been looking for a new way to take your daily hemp dose, that’s more bioavailable, more multi-tasking, and more potent? If so, it might be time to give Extract Naturals CBD suppositories a try. CBD suppositories may sound confusing to someone who has never used this delivery method in the past, but the potential that this type of product offers makes it all well worth it.

Extract Naturals CBD Suppositories have a wide array of advantages over those produced by other CBD brands. They offer a remarkable absorption rate thanks to the formula and quality of the hemp itself and boast a clean formula that you can feel good about adding to your daily wellness regimen.

How to Use the Extract Naturals CBD Suppositories

Extract Naturals CBD Suppositories are intended for rectal administration. If you’ve ever used suppositories before, the procedure is the same. For those who haven’t, simply follow the directions on the product’s packaging to ensure the most success.

Making Them Part of Your Wellness Routine

Now, we can talk about what makes this particular formula so unique from others that exist on the market.

Reason #1: Vegan

Extract Naturals went to great lengths to ensure a completely vegan formula, knowing full-well that many hemp enthusiasts prefer to live a vegan lifestyle. No animal products were used to produce this formula, as it is plant-based.

Reason #2: Made with Organically Grown Hemp

For those who don’t know, organic hemp actually makes a huge difference. For one thing, organically grown crops are not exposed to toxic substances like pesticides and herbicides commonly used by conventional farmers. Further, organic hemp is less likely to contain heavy metals and other toxins that occur in soil. As a result, the hemp is not only cleaner, but more bioavailable, as these toxic substances can disrupt the chemical stability of the desirable compounds.

Reason #3: Non-GMO

Extract Naturals is committed to producing non-GMO products, knowing that genetically modified ingredients can be both harmful in the long-term, and that they can reduce the purity and potency levels of the plant material. The entire formula is non-GMO, not just the hemp itself.

Reason #4: No Chemical Additives

Too many CBD companies use chemical additives and fillers to beef up their formulas, at the expense of the customers. These additives and fillers play no role in improving the formula, but simply serve as a method for reducing the manufacturing cost of the product. Extract Naturals does not use chemical additives in these CBD suppositories, believing that hemp users deserve only plant-based ingredients that offer the restorative nourishment that comes straight from mother nature. Many of these plant-based ingredients boast unique properties that can be useful just like the hemp.

Reason #5: No DMSO

DMSO is dimethyl sulfoxide, which is a natural byproduct that occurs from manufacturing products derived from wood. It’s also commonly used as a solvent that helps extract compounds from plant material. Many companies’ CBD products contain DMSO, and some even advertise their use of it, although it can produce a wide range of undesirable side effects, including headaches, dizziness and nausea. We want our products to make you feel good, which is why we don’t use DMSO or any other ingredients known to produce these kinds of side effects.

Reason #6: 3rd Party Tested

We make sure that every single batch of hemp that we use is tested properly by a certified third-party laboratory facility. This is how we maintain quality and purity throughout our manufacturing endeavors. Having the hemp tested by an unbiased party ensures that we constantly receive unbiased information regarding our extracts. In turn, we can share that information with customers to reassure them that our CBD is the real deal.

Reason #7: No Heavy Metals

There are many ways in which heavy metals can make their way into a CBD product. Many nonorganic plant derivatives contain trace amounts of them, and some extraction methods produce them as a byproduct. As we said earlier, we do not accept heavy metals in our formulas, because they have been traced to a number of undesirable side effects.

Reason #8: No Solvents

We refuse to use solvent extraction methods. While these methods may be more affordable, they do not yield the best hemp extract in the end. Solvent methods can destabilize the compounds in the hemp, meaning that they’ll be less potent than what the milligram strength claims due to a decrease in bioavailability. Solvents can also introduce trace levels of toxins into the hemp, interfering with its purity level.

Reason #9: CO2 Extracted

We rely on the CO2 extraction method when making our CBD suppositories. This method takes the hemp plant material and exposes it to pressurized CO2. It’s widely considered the very best method for extracting hemp compounds, because it maintains the plant’s chemical stability without introducing toxins or other impurities into the end product. Further, it ensures that each chemical compound remains intact so that it can be useful to the body. We believe that the CO2 method is the only one worth using, and we oversee every part of the process to ensure that it meets our very high standards.

Reason #10: High Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the key to having a successful hemp experience. It refers to the ability that the hemp has to absorb into the body properly. If a product is lacking in bioavailability, it may sound good on paper, but when you utilize it, you won’t get much in terms of results. Our CBD Suppositories are astonishingly bioavailable because we know how to formulate our products to ensure maximum absorption and maximum chemical stability. These suppositories are also more bioavailable than other delivery methods by nature due to the way in which they absorb into the body when administered. The result is a more potent experience overall.

Reason #11: Made in the USA

Our CBD Suppositories, along with all of the products at we make at Extract Naturals, are made in the USA. Why? Well, for a few reasons. One is that we want to support our domestic hemp farmers who work incredibly hard to introduce high-quality hemp crops into our nation’s economy. Further, by working with domestic farmers, we are able to maintain closer relationships with them, as we can visit them personally throughout the year. We also know that hemp farmers adhere to specific nation-wide standards, and so we can count on the hemp that comes from these farms to meet our expectations while remaining compliant with federal guidelines.

Additionally, we formulate our products with domestically sourced ingredients, and manufacture them in our facility.

Extract Naturals Clearly Provides the Best CBD Suppositories

No wonder they’re a great choice for someone looking for a more potent yet long-lasting hemp experience. As you can see, this unique formula has everything that you could ask for in a CBD product. Made with <0.3% THC and are derived only from industrial hemp, these non-GMO organic CBD suppositories are a great dosing alternative with over twice the absorption rate of oral dosing. Effects can begin within 10 minutes of administration, and last up to 8 hours.

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